New Dane Vaughn Pro Part

tn-dane-vaughn-proDane Vaughn just dropped a heavy hitting pro part for DGK. Congrats Dane, well fucking deserved.

Ron Deily RIP Junk Spot Part

ron-veRon Deily had been working on a part filmed entirely at The Junk Spot DIY in Jersey City, NJ over the summer with the intention of releasing it in a few weeks, unfortunately filming was cut short when bulldozers showed up last week to tear it out…

Happy Birthday Karl Watson

karl-veHappy Birthday to one of the nicest guys ever, Mr. Karl Watson. Thanks for all the smiles over the years Karl!

Joslin’s ’12 Days in China’ Part

tn-joslin-12-days-in-china-veIf there is one dude that could film a part in less than two weeks it’s Chris Joslin. Congrats again on turning Pro. Well deserved doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Congrats Chris

jos-veCongratulations to Chris Joslin on going pro. You deserve it Chris!