Felipe Gustavo ‘True’ Part

tn-felipe-true-veIf you thought you knew how good Venture Felipe Gustavo is, think again. His insane new part from the Plan B True video is online for 24 hours at the berrics. Kick back and watch Felipe go off.

Happy Birthday Stevie Williams

Stevie-veA big Happy Birthday to Stevie Williams today. Have a good one Stevie, thanks for being a part of the Venture Fam.

Felipe Gustavo Bangin!

tn-felipe-bangin-vtFresh off his Run & Gun Win, Felipe Gustavo follows up with an insane Bangin.

Congrats Felipe!

tn-congrats-felipe-vtFelipe Gustavo goes back to back as the reigning Run & Gun Champion. Congrats Felipe, you killed it!

Brandon Westgate: Soty Contenders

tn-westgate-soty-vtYou saw the part, of course Brandon Westgate is in the SOTY Contenders.