P-Rod Vs. Spencer Brown

tn-p-rod-vs-spencer-brown-veBATB veteran Paul Rodriguez takes on Spencer Brown in today’s match in Battle at The Berrics 8.

Dave Bachinsky: My War

bachinsky-smallThere are a handful of tricks in the history of street skating that were absolute game changers and helped push us to where we are today. Venture Rider Dave Bachinsky’s El Toro kickflip in 2006 was one of them.

Gustavo vs. Fyock

tn-gustavo-v-fyock-veFelipe Gustavo takes on returning ‘joe’ Will Fyock in a down to the wire match for Battle At the Berrics 8.

Sewa Vs. Torey

tn-sewa-vs-torey-veVenture Teammates Sewa Kroetkov and Torey Pudwill go head to head for today’s match in Battle at the Berrics 8.

Nick Tucker’s Golden Hour

tn-nick-tucker-golden-hour-veNick Tucker brings his massive pop and effortless style to spots all over LA in his new ‘Golden Hour’ part, now playing at the Berrics.