Spencer Hamilton: Time Bomb

tn-spencer-hamilton-time-bomb-vtSpencer Hamilton comes through with a quick blast of big tricks and bolts landings for Thrasher’s Time Bomb.

Josh Matthews Off The Grid

tn-josh-matthews-otgJosh Matthews kicks off a new Off The Grid video at Kingswell skate shop in Los Angeles and ends it by donating his board to the Bolivian Skate Scene.

Happy Birthday Kevin Romar!

tn-hbd-romar-vtHappy Birthday to one of the best dudes out there, Kevin Romar. Happy Birthday G! Hope its a good one.

New Fall ’14 Release

Tn-Venture-fall-14-VTFor the newest Fall ’14 release Youness Amrani gets a well deserved debut Pro Truck, Dane Vaughn, Trevor McClung and Nick Tucker each get their own Am colorways and Jack Curtin drops the new Samo 2.

Happy Birthday Shmatty Chaffin

ve-shmattyHappy Birthday to Shmatty Chaffin today. Hope its a good one!