Torey Pudwill: Always On The Grind

tn-torey-aotg-vtTorey Pudwill can’t be stopped, fresh off his new ‘Supernova’ part he comes through with another new clip from his newest Venture Ad. Check out Torey Pudwill Always On the Grind.

Torey Pudwill “SuperNova” Part

venture-toreyFlip in, Flip out or both, Torey Pudwill stomps any trick he wants and makes it look steezy in his new “Supernova” part from Thrasher.

VHS- Torey Pudwill

tn-torey-vhs-vtThe berrics pulls out another gem from the VHS tapes with Torey Pudwill’s part in DVS Skate More from 2005.



Felipe Into Manuals

venture-felipemanualFelipe Gustavo fires off an arsenal of flip tricks into manuals at The Berrics.

Happy Birthday Windsor James

venture-winsorA big Happy Birthday to Venture rider Windsor James today. Hope you have a good one homie!