Dane Vaughn 2015 Instagram Remix

TNdane3What happens when you compile all of Dane Vaughn’s Instagram footage from a full year? You get 6 minutes of raw skating with Dane’s signature, effortless style.

Chris Joslin Run & Gun

tn-joslin-run-&gun-veChris Joslin kicks things off for this year’s Berrics Run & Gun with a never ending line.

Jack Curtin : Awake

ve--jack-curtin-awake-veNo such thing as slowing down, Jack Curtin keeps it moving with over a minute of new footage. Check out Jack’s Awake edit, plus the newest Drop 3 release including Paul Rodriguez Sacred Heart V-lights.

Felipe Gustavo DE LA CALLE/DA RUA

tn-felipe-de-la-rue-veFelipe Gustavo just doesn’t stop. First LRG and now DC Shoes’ De la Calle/Da Rua, two insane video parts in one month. Damn Felipe!

Happy Birthday Ben Gore

gore-veHappy Birthday to Ben Gore. Everyone in SF should bring Ben a beer to FTC today!