Flip In Felipe

TNfelipefli2pA mix of his Plan B, LRG & DC footage, ‘Flip In Felipe’ will leave you wondering how the hell this guy got so good at skating. Enjoy!

Youness Amrani : Battle Commander

TNyounessbattlecommandYouness lets loose a rapid-fire like chain of the gnarliest tricks ever at The Berrics. This part was filmed entirely while Youness was competing in BATB9….his stress levels were through the roof, and sometimes it shows. This is the best battle commander we’ve ever seen.

Jenkem Mix : Ben Gore

TNbengoreplaylistSoul, reggae and a bunch of tracks Ben dug around to find. Skate around the block to this.

Max Geronzi Pro For Cliche

TNgeronzimaxproWe would like to congratulate our friend Max Geronzi on going pro for Cliche Skateboards last night. So well deserved!!

Yaje Popson : Welcome To The Team

TNyajeVEWe are proud to announce the newest addition to our team, Yaje Popson!