New Westgate Footage

tn-westgate-elementBrandon Westgate has made the switch to the Element team and just dropped a new edit, once again destroying the Bay Area.

Max Geronzi’s ‘Gypsy Life’ Part

tn-max-geronzi-veGet used to hearing the name, Max Geronzi, his new part in the Gypsy Life video is a jaw dropper.

Happy Birthday : Josh Matthews

tn-josh-matthews-hbd-veHell Yeah, Josh Matthews, Happy Birthday! Hope it’s a good one with the crew tonight.

Josh Matthews : Push

tn-josh-matthews-push-veFrom growing up in a small town in Oregon to traveling the world skating, find out what makes Josh Matthews tick in the newest episode of Push at the Berrics.

Paul Hart’s ‘Gypsy Life’ Part

tn-paul-hart-gypsy-life-vePaul Hart’s ‘Gypsy Life’ part delivers blow after blow with some enders you won’t soon forget.