Happy Birthday Sewa Kroetkov

sewa-veHappy 25th Birthday to Sewa Kroetkov. Hope today is a good one Sewa!

Happy Birthday Micky Papa

micky-veSending a Happy Birthday shout out to Micky Papa today!

New Fall ’15 Release

tn-venture-fall-cat-veThe newest Fall ’15 release is hitting skate shops everywhere now including new P-Rod Golden Eagle Hollow Lights, Westgate Engraved Pro Trucks, and more. Check out the full drop here.

Ron Deily’s “Under the Hudson” Video

ventureRon takes the Jersey Path Train under the Hudson river, into New York City every day. Take a look at what he does when he gets there!

Happy Birthday Jack!

tn-hbd-jack-veWishing a very Happy Birthday to Mr. Jack Curtin today! Hope your having a good one Jack.