Nick Tucker’s 1st Day as A Pro

Tn-nick-tucker-1st-pro-vtIt’s been a long time coming, but Nick Tucker is now officially pro for Primitive. Check out the video of his very first day as a Pro, now playing at the Berrics.

Blue Headey Theatrix Part

VE-blueBlue Headey comes through with a steady barrage of hammers in his Theatrix part.

Nick Tucker Nosegrinds on Lock

tn-nick-tucker-bs-nosegrind-on-lockBackside nosegrinds every try on Lock, Nick Tucker’s got it like that.


Dane Vaughn Always On the Grind

tn-dane-vaughn-aotg-veDane Vaughn comes through with over a minute of new footage for the newest Always On the Grind clip and release of his Custom Am Colorway Truck.

New Pudwill V-Hollow Lights

tn-torey-grizzled-veTorey Pudwill drops an all new V-Hollow Light Pro Edition truck with Hollow Axles & Kingpins for the newest Release.