Ben Gore

Ben “The Bone” Gore

What’s your middle name?


Then what’s your first name?


Any cool nicknames?

A bunch friends used to call me The Bone, but I lost that one a long time ago.

Where are you from?

Pompano Beach, Florida.

Describe Pompano Beach for us.

Its a pretty average small Floridian town. We have a beautiful beach, the fishing is good, its super hot in the summer and there’s plenty of old people that don’t know how to drive. And we have a crazy ghetto. Its pretty much everything you’d expect. I love it though!

Which Ventures do you ride?

The high and wide silvers. I think they’re the 5.2 Highs.

Yup. That’s right. Is this your first Venture ad?

Yerp. Thanks to Tony and Dan.

Where was this ad shot and who shot it?

Its in San Francisco on this random side street. I found when I was out skating with a couple friends. I hit Dan Z up the next day and we cruised out to it.

Describe the spot for us.

The spot is set up pretty smooth and the metal grate you pop up happens to be in the right spot. Not too many people would actually notice it as a spot, but luckily I was using my brain the day I skated by.

Should skateboarding be in the Olympics?


If not, what sport should be accepted in its place?

Online Poker.

What’s up with the Puppy Pound apartment?

Shit that things long gone. I had some good times over at that place. That spot was trife though. Fortunately I never lived there. At one point there were like 15 heads crashin. I wouldn’t even go there to chill. There’s actually a new Puppy Pound in Miami now. Its called the Budda Palace.

Have you got to hang out with Jason Lee yet?

Yup. Highwaymen for days.

What is your first memory of skateboarding?

During hurricane season we used to go outside with bed sheets when a storm was on its way and just cruise down the street.

Who were your early influences and why?

I was super hyped on AVE and Josh Kalis back in the day. It might have been the parachute pull up pants, but overall they were dope. I liked the look of skating raw East Coast spots.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully still skating… and maybe I’ll be a lil better at golf.

Who’s your favorite Venture teammate?

Danny Renaud

You describe yourself as a simple man. What are 3 things you can’t
live without?

Coffee, Coors Original, and my skateboard.

3 ways to cope with the Florida summers?

Skate close to the beach, bring about 6 shirts a day, or just get the hell outta Florida.

3 reasons to keep skating?

Its still fun. And that’s the only reason that matters.

Lets end this with a good Dango story.

Damn… I went to this Yelawolf show with a bunch of heads and we all ended up on the stage jumpin around. We thought Yela was about to hand Dango the mic, but instead he just poured a beer all over him. Dango loved it though. He had a fat gold chain on. It was hilarious man. I guess you had to be there to understand.

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