Brandon Westgate

Brandon “Spur of the Moment” Westgate

Yo Brandon, what you up to?

Nothing much. Chilling at my house, watching TV.

Let’s talk a little about your new Venture ad. Where’s the spot?

The spot is in San Francisco.

Is there good roll up and landing?

The roll up is great. Its a wood deck and its really smooth. You land on the sidewalk so its not bad. Not too many cracks or anything.

What were you doing in SF?

I was up there with the Emerica guys trying to get some clips for the new Stay Gold video.

Who shot the photo?

Kyle Camarillo.

Did you warm up with a 50-50 before the tailslide?

Yeah. I try to always grind the spot as a warm up.

Had you been plotting on this trick or was it just a spur of the
moment thing?

It was spur of the moment. I saw a photo of it and said lets check it out.

How many tries did the tailslide take?

Not too sure. Maybe around ten tries. We were getting kicked out and the cop told us to shut the lights off until he left. He said I could get a few more tries after that. That was cool.

Where are we going to see the footage?

Probably the Emerica video, but I’m not positive.

Was anyone else skating the spot with you?

Yeah Figgy, Jamie Tancowny, and Colin. The Emerica ams.

How long have you ridden for Venture?

I’ve been riding for Venture for a while, but I’ve been the riding the trucks even longer than that. I’m stoked to be on the team. The trucks are the best.

Is this your first ad?

Nah, I had one other. It was a back smith on a bump to bar in NYC.

Which Ventures do you ride?

I used to ride the 5.0 highs but I changed to the lows not that long ago.

Why the lows?

I like the board being low to the ground. I feel like its more snappy.

Who is your favorite Venture teammate?

Stefan Janoski. His skating speaks for itself.

Hooters: Wings or babes?

Can’t beat either.

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