Corey Duffel

Corey “Make It Or Break It” Duffel

What’s your middle name?


Then what’s your first name?


And you’re from where?

Sacramento CA, but I live in Walnut Creek.

What should an outsider know about Walnut Creek?

it is about as exciting as a crappy black and white movie with no sound.

How did you get an entire region of California named after you? (Duffel Land) And what are the geographical boundaries of Duffel Land?

Joe Brook and Jamie Thomas are the ones who I first heard use the term. We were out shredding and the name Duffel Land came up. I think people referred to it like this because there aren’t many skaters from out here and the majority of people didn’t know where all the spots were. Brad Staba and Brian Anderson both lived in the Creek for many years too, so they know where all the gems are. But like I said some dudes just started referencing it as Duffel Land. I’d say the range is pretty much all of Contra Costa county.

Does it trip some people out that you ride for Venture? Like they think you and the Venture image don’t mesh together?

Kids a lot of times are very suprised, they expect me to ride Indys. But I have been riding Ventures since my first set up at the age of ten. I love the way they are. I don’t think it matters what the differences with brand image and rider images are. It is all about the trucks and the way they work. When I was a kid Venture had a lot of hesh dudes on the team. I actually like the fresh and clean look of Venture.

Which size Ventures do you ride?

I don’t know what the name of them are. I just ask Tony to send me the high wide ones. So whatever the high and wide good guys are called. (5.2 Hi’s)

How long do you usually keep a set of trucks? And do you keep your old bushings and put them in the new set of trucks?

I like riding the same trucks until the hangers or the axles are too stripped to put the bolts back on.
I take the bushings from the old trucks and replace the new ones.
I don’t like breaking in new bushings. I have had the same bushings in my trucks for over a year.

Is this your first Venture ad?

Nope, it is my third ad.

Where was this current ad shot?

The Alameda Court House in Oakland.

Who shot the photo?


I thought Kyle Camarillo was a filmer. Did he try to film and shoot it at the same time?

I like Kyle as a filmer too, but he shoots fucking awesome photos! He was filming Cairo skate the stairs as I was hitting the ledge. Once Cairo landed his trick, Kyle got his camera out and shot it. Ray Ray was there filming too. But like I said, Kyle rips at shooting photos and is awesome at filming.

How many tries did it take?

Over 20. The ledge wasn’t grinding for Smithers. I had to wax my kingpin. I kept sticking at the end of the ledge. The first one that grinded all the way through worked though.

What’s been the hardest trick for you to do? And have you ever had to go back to a spot multiple times in order to land a trick?

I don’t like going back for tricks unless its absolutely necessary- for instance, if I get hurt or get kicked out when I’m really close to rolling away. If I can’t get a trick in a small amount of tries, I feel like that trick and spot isn’t for me. I hate going back to spots, it scares me. I think I should be able to handle it while I’m there, and i should have no excuses to have to go back. Two times is the most I’ve been back for a trick. My last trick in the 88 video was probably the toughest for me. It was a kf 5050 down a rail. This was before people were doing these like nothing. I sacked the rail twice and had quite a struggle landing the trick.

Are you the type of skater that just goes for it or do you stop and think and play different scenarios out in your head?

I know my options. Make or break. So, I typically just go for it. I sing a song in my head to get pumped and then I try the trick. I always think of all the negative things that can happen, but I also imagine all the fun if it works out.

You’ve been in a few scraps in your day. Do you think people wanna fight you because of your appearance?

I know it is not only my looks that attract trouble, but that has been the case before. Fighting is lame but there comes a time and place.

How many broken bones have you sustained in your skateboard career?

I would say 15 or more, but I have broken the same bone more than once.

3 favorite candies?

1. Mr. Big is my favorite candy bar.
2. Rainbow chocolate chip cookies.
3. Bright crawler eggs.

Top 3 video parts to watch to get you pumped to skate?

1. Slash in the Fallen video.
2. AVE in the new Alien video.
3. Alex Olson in Lakai.

I like these parts a lot. There are many older parts on my VHS tapes I like, but its much easier to throw in a DVD now and these are the best parts to come out in years. They’re the most fun to watch.
They all rip and skate fast as fuck!

Who’s your favorite Venture teammate? Why?

Jeremy Reeves. He’s an awesome person, an amazing skater, he’s fun to skate with, and he used to be a cook so he makes bomb food.

How do you think you would have done in the Berrics Game of Skate?

I wouldn’t stand a chance. I can’t even ride in a straight line at the Berrics. It is so slippery!

What’s your kryptonite trick?

Ollie impossible.

Three reasons to keep skating?

It’s my favorite thing in the world, and I get the money for nothing and the chicks for free.

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