Dave Bakinsky


Dave “Morning Freshness” Bakinsky

What’s your middle name?

Dude, its Francis. Quite the way to start off this interview. Haha!

And you’re from where?

Lowell, Massachusetts but technically St. Louis, Missiouri.

What should an outsider know about Lowell?

Well, something is always happening. Its got a small city feel, but we have a fun downtown to cruise and its only a 30 minute drive to Boston. The local skatepark Hadley is always a good time.

You recently made the move down to Florida. How come?

I’ve been visiting this town called Jupiter for the last 3 – 4 years to stay with friends and escape the New England winter. They would come up during the summer and I would go down during the winter. It’s hard to deal with day after day of cold weather. Skating becomes really difficult. So this year I decided to get an apartment in the same neighborhood as my friend (Pang) that films. Its not a permanent move, but I’ve got the place until June.

Which size Ventures do you ride?

The 5.0 Lows. I’m hyped on Ryan Gallant’s Bruins colorway. Straight killing it.

I’ve heard that you prefer skating old boards instead of new ones. How long do you usually keep a set of trucks? And do you keep your old bushings and put them in the new set of trucks?

Personally, I like when you’ve gotten to ride a board for a couple of days and you’ve got a little feel for it. It’s nice when it’s a worn in and not as grippy. I think it’s better. I don’t mind changing trucks too much, but I got to keep the old bushings.

Is this your first Venture ad?

No, but Venture was the first company to run a photo of me in Thrasher. I remember being so psyched.

Where was this current ad shot?

In shithole Tampa.

This trick has been a mission for you, right? How many times have you gone back to this spot to try and get it?

It’s been craziness with this spot. I think we’ve tried to charge in there about six times. Finally now the random missions up to the Tampa convention center are over. My filmer B Hat was so happy when I landed it because we never have to go back. He was running around all hyped up!

What’s up with security at that spot? Are they on your ass instantly?

Exactly. You get like one or two tries and then they’re on you. Fuck ’em.

Who shot the photo?

Allen Ying hooked it up. Thanks Allen.

You’ve got a pretty damn good fs flip. Who do you think has the tightest one?

Reynolds. There’s no question.

Tell us a about the Snickers commercial in Mexico.

Yeah about that… Haha! This director from Mexico hit up the guys at City and said they wanted to get me to fly down to Mexico to shoot a commercial for Snickers. They were gonna pay for the flight and also hook up like $4,000 bucks. I like Snickers so I’m thinking this is gonna be dope…. until they tell Tony Vitello that they want me to boardslide and “jump” a 20 stair. He told them they were trippin, but they were pretty intent on this whole 20 stair thing, so that was the end. I wonder if they ever found someone to get down for them?

Are you a Celtics fan?

Well I just came up on NBA2K06 at EB Games for 4 bucks, so I’ve been hyped on that. I’ve been playing against my friend Chase with Celtics. We’re crushing it. I’m hyped on the Celtics.

Do people ever scream at you What the Fuck is a Bachinsky?

Nobody has screamed at me, but the asking is endless…

Tell us about the spray paint incident at your local skatepark?

This is so weak. The video was on the verge of coming out and we were finishing up the intro at Hadley mini ramp down the street from my house. Me and B Hat show up late at night to light up the ramp. Once we hit the lights we see that somebody spray painted What the Fuck is a Bachinsky? all over the mini. We had to paint over the whole thing. B Hat was pissed and I was just stressing out because it was the second to last day before the deadline.

Who’s your favorite Venture teammate?

First one that comes to mind is Danny Fuenzalida. He’s an amazing skateboarder. He can do anything. Whenever I skate with him he’s always getting people psyched on spots & teaching me something new.

Three reasons to keep skating?

1. Charging
2. Cruising
3. Fs 5-0’s and Fs disasters.

Three reasons to smoke a cigarette?

1. Coffee… adds a little morning freshness.
2. Sex… is a pleasant patio refreshener.
3. Life… it’s a delicious thing.

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