Jack Curtin

Jack “Meat Curtains” Curtin

What’s your middle name?


Any good nicknames?

Meat Curtains, Jackie Jack, JC the other one.

Where are you from?

The Washington DC area and Indonesia.

What was it like growing up in Jakarta?

A mind opening experience, seeing how people can be so happy with so little. Skating with Indo homies in the ghettoest spots ever but having the best time ever…

How long have you been on LRG?

Wow. Since 2003. So almost 8 years!?

Do you ever get noticed by people outside of skateboarding because they saw you in a LRG ad in The Source?

Haha. One time I was skating at Pier 7 and the rapper Mistah FAB knew who I was from LRG ads I think. But he is also stoked on skating, so who knows…

How did you guys shoot those LRG commercials? They are pretty crazy…

We shot sequences of everything. Then these guys hand made all the obstacles and stuff. They weren’t easy to make.

How much money have you lost to Chico?

Honestly, I think Chico owes me money! Haha!

How long have you been riding Ventures?

Since I was 15 years old.

Which Ventures do you ride?

Normally the standard 5.0’s lows but I’m trying out the V5’s right now. They are super light.

How many Venture ads have you had?

A lot dude! This sw bs Smith is my 6th ad!

Where was this ad shot and who shot it? Any story behind how it went down?

Creepy Kyle shot it, and its at the Santa Clara courthouse. Kyle showed me this handrail spot that nobody really skates cuz the run-up is short but the rails are perfect.

What’s the weakest trend in skating right now?

Face tattoos.

What’s your kryptonite trick?

Switch frontside bigspins. Never gonna happen…

Should skateboarding be in the Olympics?

Nah. We got Street League and Maloof Cup now.

What sport should be accepted in its place?

Flip Cup.

What is your first memory of skateboarding?

Butt-boarding down hills.

Who were your early influences and why?

The Trilogy video cuz it had all the best skaters in one video.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully owning a crib, healthy, and still skating!

Who’s your favorite Venture teammate?

I’m hyped that Karl is back on Venture cuz he was riding Krux for years.

Do you have beef with anybody in the skateboard industry?

Only that dude Nick Trapasso cuz he hated on me getting on Converse when I never even met him before.

3 things you can’t live without?

My skateboard, good food, and sunshine.

3 reasons to keep skating?

Keeps you young at heart, freedom : nobody can tell you what to do on your board, good times with the homies!

Best advice Stevie has ever given you?

You got to do whats best for you. Not what everyone else wants you to do.

Jack Curtin’s part in Give Me My Money Chico!

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