Keelan Dadd

Keelan “Rich White Women Cook For Me” Dadd

What’s your middle name?


Any good nicknames?

Bugie when I was a lil boy, now its Switchflip and KeeKee D.

Where are you from?

The City of Champions. Inglewood, California.

Tell us about the neighborhood you grew up in.

Shit, its like this. You either gang bang, sell drugs, or find something to do to stay low key.

Now you live in Palmdale. What do you do there when its a million degrees outside?

Go to a rich white girls house so they can cook for me and let me go swimming.

How long have you been riding Ventures?

They’re my first and last trucks. Always rode Ventures.

Which Ventures do you ride?

The DGK collab or something to match my setup.

Is this your first Venture ad?


Where was this ad shot and who shot it?

In Long Beach. Joe Krolick shot it.

What’s the story with this gap? Did they change up Cherry Park?

This was my first time skating there. It looks the same from all the old footage, but they added the grass around the stage to make a perfect, big ass grass gap.

How did you end up on DGK? Did you send a Sponsor Me tape?

Nah, I went skatin with Karl Watson and asked him to give my footy to Stevie. He did that for me and Stevie made the call. Thanks Watson. Real talk.

What’s the best advice you’ve gotten from Stevie?

Its about making the right moves at the right time and starting a family when the time is right.

What’s the weakest trend in skating right now?

Doing something you saw somebody else doing.

How did you end up getting involved in the Proof video?

Paul got my back on that and let a nigga get his shine on.

What’s your kryptonite trick? One that you’ve never been able to do?


Should skateboarding be in the Olympics?


What is your first memory of skateboarding?

Doing it all day and all night with no curfew.

Who were your early influences and why?

My dad, because he was about his movements no matter what anybody had to say.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Seeing myself a lot and owning some shit.

Who’s your favorite Venture teammate? And why?

The DGK fam. Simple as that.

Do you have beef with anybody in the skateboard industry?

No, but if any body need that its whatever. And niggas better stop tryin to mug.

3 things you can’t live without?

Skateboarding, family, and bitches.

3 reasons to keep skating?

I love it, I need it, and people love watching me do it.

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