Rodrigo Tx

Rodrigo “Big City” Tx

What’s your middle name?

De Arruda

Any nicknames other than TX?

Not really.

Where are you from in Brasil? Describe it for us.

I’m from a big city man, Sao Paulo. Its the biggest city in Brazil. I live pretty much in downtown.

What is your first memory of skateboarding?

I was super young. Maybe like 8 or 9 years old and some guys skated in the building i lived in.

Who were your early influences in skateboarding? Did you look up to Brasilian skaters or American pros?

I looked up to both Brasilians and American pros. The Brasilians were Zik Zira, Vaguninho and Fabio Cristiano. The Americans were Koston, Kareem and Jamie Thomas.

How old were you when you got on eS?

I was 15.

What was it like switching from The Firm to Flip?

I’d rather not talk about it… is that cool?

Which Ventures do you ride?

Always the silver 5.0 lows.

Is this your first Venture ad?

Yep, finally!

Where was this ad shot and who shot it?

It was shot in China on an LRG tour. My main man Joe Brook shot it.

Describe the spot for us.

We went to skate these hubba ledges and Anthony Claraval told me there was this crazy banked ledge right next to them that would look cool for a photo. I’d been wanting to shoot a switch front nose and this thing was perfect. It was marble and had these huge gold Chinese characters on it.

China is the new hot spot. How does it compare to Barcelona?

China is definitely the new hot spot, but Barcelona is just the complete package. You can do whatever you want. You can party, go to the beach, there’s just more stuff to do. China is pretty much only for skating, but they also have best spas on earth!

Should skateboarding be in the Olympics?

Hell no!

If not, what sport should be accepted in its place?

Fuck, I don’t know.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully 30 years old. Alive, healthy, happy and skating twice as much.

Who’s your favorite Venture teammate?

Everyone on the team!

Top 3 Brasilian skaters of all time?

Bob Burnquist, Fabio Cristiano, and Luan de Oliveira.

3 reasons to keep skating?

I love it!
Unique life style!
Why not? I get paid to do what i love!

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