Stevie Williams

Stevie “Follow Me On Twitter” Williams

What’s your middle name?

Follow me on Twitter @dgkstevie and ask me.

Where are you from?

Love Park. Philadelphia, Pa.

What was the craziest thing you ever seen go down at Love Park?

Now that I’m older I think about it and the craziest thing is that the homeless dudes that were around when I was a youngster are still the same lurkers that are there now!

Which Ventures do you ride?

The DGK x VTC 5.0 Low.

How many Venture ads have you had?

Probably three or four in my lifetime.

Where was this ad shot and who shot it?

It was shot at the yellow bump to bar in downtown Los Angeles by Matt Daughters.

What is your first memory of skateboarding?

My cousin Kevin (R.I.P.) brought a Erik Nash skateboard home from work!

Who were your early influences and why?

Guy Mariano, Henry Sanchez, and Jovantae Turner. They all had dope styles and bangin’ tricks.

What was the biggest set-back you faced on the road to becoming a professional?

Not being a professional. LOL!

At what point did you acknowledge that you had finally achieved your dream?

When I was able to buy my mom a house in sunny California.

What is the original background of DGK and how did DGK turn into a skateboard company?

Its always been the same. We were some kids from the hood. When I had an opportunity to create a skateboard company I ran with it. I had a lil support and that support allowed DGK to become a well respected brand that kids can identify with. People can see by looking at what we do that DGK is a family. We all come from a struggle and we all worked on the success of the DGK brand. I give credit to everyone on the team for helping us make it to where we are now.

Do you think that DGK has helped broaden skateboarding’s appeal in the inner city?

I think so. We had the chance to express what we go through, what we joke and laugh about, and what types of things go on in the hood. And kids wanna see that! Skateboarding isn’t just a suburban activity. Everybody wants to skate and have fun, we just express how we view the game and give back to the kids!

Where is the dirtiest ghetto you’ve ever been to? What city or neighborhood was it?

I’m from North Philly and its pretty grimey, but I’ve been to a lot of hoods and I have to say that they’re all the same!! No matter what hood you’re in or what part of the world it is, people from the ghetto are fighting the same battles and are looking for a way out.

Everyone on DGK besides Marcus rides for Venture. How did that come about?

Like I said, we are a family and we skate the same trucks. Ventures are the best and its only right that DGK has its own Venture! I’ve been skating Ventures since I was a kid.

What’s your status right now in the shoe sponsor department? Have you heard any rumors that you want to clear up?

Everything is a rumor these days! But to clear things up, I’m not with Reebok (RBK) anymore. Let’s just say that right now it’s all about DGK All Day with the Kayo Corp! Everything else will get sorted out soon.

Talk a little about your move to Atlanta. What was behind that? Did you just need a change of scenery?

I moved to Atlanta last year and opened up a skate store called Sk8tique. Atlanta is a great place to skate. I really felt that I wasn’t getting a lot of things done out West. Since I’ve been in Atlanta I’ve been skating a whole lot while also working at my store. The DGK team is always coming out to skate so there’s plenty of good times with the crew. The only things that I miss about moving are my children- my son Paris and daughter Brooklyn. Daddy loves you guys!!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself chilln with my loved ones, having a good time being successful! Continuing to build a DGK army and hopefully building a huge skate plaza for the kids. I’ll also be scheming on the next five years after that!

Who’s your favorite Venture teammate?

Jack Curtin.

3 reasons to keep skating?

It keeps you out of trouble, its fun, and why the hell not!

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