Torey Pudwill

Torey “Black from the Waist Down” Pudwill

What’s your middle name?


And you’re from where?

The Valley

Who would you rather play in a game of Skate? Mike-Mo or Donovan?

Donovan has a mean ass game. I’ll leave it at that.

Which size Ventures do you ride?

Venture 5.0 lows.

Is this your first Venture ad?

Nah, it’s my second.. I had one when I was 14 when I skated for Shortys.

Any good Muska stories from when you skated for Shorty’s?

Muska was always trying to do something sneaky. He’s always hyped. Always. The Shortys days were the greatest. I’m stoked everytime I get to skate with any of the OG dudes because I was such a little kid at the time. Now I’m more grown so its ill to see them. I just skated with Sam Bap the other day. He’s killin it!

Where was this new ad shot?

Paris, France

Who shot it?

Giovanni Reda.

Who does Reda fuck with the most?

Mostly me or anyone that he really likes… or anyone that’s not American. Hahaha!

Did Reda fuck with all the people in France?

Hell yeah! He just takes it to the next level and sometimes people take offense. But no one should ever take offense to anything he says because he has such a big heart. That dude has helped me grow up a lot. Thanks Reda.

What were you doing in France?

I was on a Matix tour. It was my last day before I went home with tonsilitis.

What happens when you get tonsilitis? Does your mouth explode?

Yeah basically. Your tonsils swell up, closing your throat so you can’t breath or eat or drink. I was pretty much miserable. I couldn’t leave the hotel to go skate or anything. Luckily I didn’t need to get my tonsils removed.

Who’s your favorite French skater?

JB Gillet.

How did a white guy like you develop such monsterous pop?

I’m black from the waist down.

How many tries did the nollie heel crooks take on Hubba

I don’t know man. But it took quite a bit of effort.

Did you nollie crook it first?


Most random person you’ve seen at the Berrics?

I don’t skate Berra’s park too often. I’m always skating at Paul’s park in the valley.
Check it:

Who’s your favorite Venture teammate?


Best thing TK ever said to you?

“No matter what, if you’re white or black, we’re still the same family.” I fucks with Terry.

Three reasons to keep skating?

Love. Happiness. And Fun.

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