Van Styles for Venture

Van Styles for Venture

Van Styles for Venture

How old are you?

32 years young

Where are you from and where did you grow up?

I was born in Queens, NY but grew up in Los Angeles. The valley to be exact.

Shot this on a night photo mission with 13th Witness moments later we were almost arrested

When did you start skateboarding?

September of 1992

What was your first setup?

Eric Ricks Powell board, Venture trucks, 40mm spitfires

While driving down Collins in South Beach, FL I snapped this shot. I think the contrast is amazing.

Who did you look up to skateboarding as a kid?

I would say Eric Koston, Guy Mariano, Gino Iannucci, Danny Way, Mike Carroll, Jeron Wilson, Weston Correa and all the guys I use to skate with from the valley like Andy Netkin, Matt Feemster, Nigel Alexander, etc. Anything around the early Plan B videos to the Girl/Chocolate stuff was a huge influence as well.

Did you ever get hooked up by anybody?

I had a little stint of being AM for a company called Status. I use to get flowed by a few other people but nothing major.

When did you pick up a camera?

Initially it was a video camera at first. I loved videography and being around a good group of friends it was easy to film and have fun putting together videos. Photography happened around 2002, I always had an interest in it but the initial point was for my productions I was doing. A couple years later I started taking my camera out with me and realized I had the same passion for taking photos as I do for skating.

This is a photo of Asa Akira, I try to always shoot natural light and anytime I get to utilize it like this I love the outcome.

The question that everybody wants to know. How did you get involved in the adult entertainment world?

I was running a skateboard camp for kids in 2001. There were 3 brothers in my camp ages 8 ,11 and 12. Turns out their dad owned an adult film company at the time. He and I became friends and he expressed an interest in creating a skateboarding porn and asked if I wanted to produce it. He stated he wanted a skateboarder to be involved to give it legitimacy. At 21 I jumped at the opportunity, and signed up. The movie did good and a few months later he offered me a directing job. I guess you can say it was all downhill from there.

One of my more favorite recent photos that I shot and I like that it is just suggestive enough.

What was skatetrixx’ plot?

Various vignettes such as skaters getting kicked out of a spot but just turns out the cop is a hot busty blonde or the infamous hot chick who works at a skate shop scenario. Luckily at the time Pancho Moler was performing with his girlfriend so we happened to have a legit pro in the video on every level.

Downtown Los Angeles is a interesting place at night to walk around and shoot photos.

What is the weirdest shoot you ever had to do?

That is a tough one. I worked with for a bit and we did a lot of weird stuff. We built a 20ft rocking climbing wall but instead of rocks we bolted a ton of dildos to it and had 2 girls in harnesses racing up it naked. But we also added random glory holes for these guys to occupy as they climbed. I don’t see that happening again. Maybe a girl giving a hand job with actual lobster claws? That was a little weird.

I was out in Philly back in October. There was a group of skaters from France in town that I got to link up with. This is Remy and he was just raw as you can see in this photo.

Which are some of your favorite actresses to work with and why?

Asa Akira,Kristina Rose,Alexis Texas and Jayden Jaymes are definitely at the top of my list. They are just rad people to begin with, and they get it. We have a good vibe when the camera is out and it makes for a smooth seamless workflow with great end results.

We get a lot of sponsor me videos, does it work that way in porn? Do girls send you videos?

Hahaha probably not. I think girls just have to send recent photos into an agent. If the agent thinks they have potential they will respond and bring them in. I don’t get girls really asking me to be in porn but I do get a good amount of e-mails in regards to just doing cool photos. Kind of the same thing I guess.

I like it when I have a opportunity to shoot skateboarding. This was taken at Primitive’s mini ramp as Darren Miller was taking a break from editing their new video.

How often does your circle of porn friends cross over with your circle of skate friends?

As often as I can present an opportunity. I think these two worlds have a lot of similarities as far as outlooks on life and lifestyles. Plus skaters are just good people to be around, I think my friends who are adult actresses love being able to come around a group of people and not be judged but are rather treated like one of the crew and can just relax and have a good time.

Another shot of one of my favorite models Asa Akira. I just really liked the balance of her all black outfit and the bed being all white.

Any upcoming projects?

Got a few things in the works but can’t really say at the moment. I am always taking photos though since I have two blogs to run one for my own site and one for the hundreds. But really I am taking projects as they present themselves. I have been fortunate to work with some great people and some amazing brands and can’t wait to see with 2013 brings.

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