John Dilorenzo Interview

John Dilorenzo Venture Trucks

John Dilorenzo Interview

Where you from?

I’m from Jupiter, FL.

Who was the guy from your area?

Brad Cromer, no doubt!

John Dilorenzo Venture Trucks

Switch 5-0 – Photo by John Spitzer

What was your first board?

This Blind mini complete that I was too big for. Haha!

Skateboarders you looked up to as far as pros?

I took influence from a lot of locals like Brad, who later went pro, but I remember Chris Cole being a big one with his innovation. Walker Ryan’s skating impacted me a lot also. Andrew Reynolds & Jeff Lenoce being FL legends.

John Dilorenzo Venture Trucks

Where are you living nowadays?

Long beach in a Florida house.

Who is the crew?

It varies lately, since I’m juggling different projects. Working on this Shakejunt video, itll be Beagle, Doughnut, Jamie Foy, Nikolai Piombo and whoever else is down to roll. There’s also SICKHEAD, this homie video I’ve been working on with my friend David Stoessel and gang, Ronnie Kessner, Kevin Love, Tyler Bolar, and Troy Betances.

John Dilorenzo Venture Trucks

Kickflip – Photo by John Spitzer

Best Feeling Trick?

Kickflips. Always & forever.

What Trucks do you ride?

I ride the Raw 5.8, tryin’ to skate some pro trucks though & rep the illest! What’s good with a 5.8 P-Rod truck?

John Dilorenzo Venture Trucks

5 favorite skateboarders?

Tyler Surrey
Lucas Puig
Rodrigo TX
Ryan Lay
Anthony Shultz
No particular order, love them all equal.

5 favorite video parts?

As of late,
Ryan Lay in Fetish
Andrew Reynolds in Made Chapter 2
Brad Cromer in SkateFL Greetings
Wes Kremer in Crusty by Nature
Tyler Surrey in any Sk8mafia video

Any upcoming projects?

The SICKHEAD video with my homies & the ShakeJunt Video FLAVOR COUNTRY…FL Shit!!