Jordan Gesko Awake

After driving across the country from New Jersey in his van, Jordan Gesko put together a solid Awake Part to help release the NJ Skateshop x Venture Trucks collab.

Jordan Gesko Awake Interview

Where in New Jersey are you from?

I’m from Whitehouse Station, NJ.

Was there a good scene there?

The scene was super fun growing up. There are still mad homies that skate, my brother skates. We all used to skate up and down Main Street every day in middle school then in high school we had an indoor park we could walk to from school. Now there is a DIY park a town or two over that we all helped on, it’s called Annvan.


Frontside Crooked Grind in Oakland – Photo by Justin Ching

Who was your first pro sighting?

The first official demo I remember going to was in Sayreville, New Jersey. It was a Red Bull demo with east coast rippers like PJ Ladd, Ryan Gallant, Kerry Getz, and a few others.

How old were you when you first went to NJ Skateshop?

I feel like I went there a lot as a kid cause they would always throw demos, signings, and have cool stuff. I don’t remember my age though, around middle school.


Noseblunt at The Island – Photo by Christian Alexander

How did you become part of the team?

I became part of the team in high school because of my friend 9-Toe Joe basically. He was the first one in my area to ride for them. He would drive my brother and I to spots and film with Kevin the filmer. It was something I wanted and it happened super naturally. I did show them stuff from my friend Paul too.

What made you want to move to SF?

The first time I came out there in 2010 I could feel how different the vibe was than anywhere else. SF is the best place to skate. Bombing hills is definitely one of the main attractions.


Board slide – Photo by Justin Ching

How long did it take to build out your van?

I took my time with it and it took about four months. It was fun to build.

How long was the trek out here?

We took our time. We took about two weeks to get to SF I think.


Tre flip at Ocean Beach – Photo by Justin Ching

Any good stories from the road?

We hit almost every major city in the South. We had a lot of fun. I can’t really share everything cause a bunch of fun and crazy stuff happened. I drove through a tornado, that was pretty exciting. Two good homies came out with me that are brothers and we grew up in the same town skating. Overall awesome trip!


Crooked Grind in The Mission – Photo by Justin Ching

Where do you park it in SF?

In a safe spot somewhere.

Any tweakers trying to snuggle up middle of the night?

Haha nah. I am secure.


Van Life – Photo by Justin Ching

Favorite spot to skate in SF?

I like The Island and all the parks in SF. The whole city is my favorite though.

Who’s your crew out here?

Hanging out skating with Justin Ching and Colton was a lot of fun this year. I feel like I have a lot of friends I like being around. Gx1000 is super cool to film with.


Kickflip wallride – Photo by Christian Alexander

Who hooks you up?

NJ Skateshop, Habitat Skateboards, Adidas, you (Venture TM Bram) and Brad been giving me Venture and Spitfire. Thanks and I really appreciate that a lot!